Our Vision

Our primary ambition is to bring our students to excellence. The purpose is to inspire each learner to be inquisitive, independent and emotionally sound. By allowing creative thinking, we encourage our students to acquire their own critical standards and to meet challenges with flexibility, an open mind and ingenuity. We strive for each student to develop a firm sense of social and individual identity by applying a broad perspective and a moral worldview, and eventually to obtain learning skills which will allow him/her to acquire knowledge and to apply it.


We aspire to cultivate our students for excellence in every domain, be it moral, athletic, artistic or academic. We aim to pass on knowledge, values and skills which they will require for life in the 21st century, and which will allow each one to grow and become a leading figure in this world of innovation and entrepreneurship.


We endeavor to nurture our students' moral values and social awareness. By placing an emphasis on our heritage and of those around us, we guide our youth to become contributing members of society, living as integral and influential individuals in a democratic-Jewish country.