From Our Principal

To the family that is the Kiriat Sharet Campus,


As a new year begins, so do I embark on my journey as principal of this school. I could not be more proud or filled with anticipation by the great privilege bestowed upon me, which comes with great responsibility. Hand in hand with the entire school staff, I intend to lead this school by its long-lasting honored tradition.


Our establishment is among the top educational institutions in the country, and as such, it has made it its mission to strive for excellence in a variety of fields. The numerous achievements it has gained are a direct result of the hard work and dedication of our professional teaching staff.


We believe it is our duty to train our youth for life in our era, in which change is the only routine and uncertainty is a part of everyday reality. For this reason, we provide our students with the relevant knowledge, technological skills and the necessary qualifications in order to thrive in today’s society. Our students study in an online learning environment, most of which get to experience Project Based Learning (PBL) as well, in a variety of school subjects.


In light of currents events, inflicting our country, and as part of a broader perspective on Israeli society today, we consider it our goal to instill values of tolerance, pluralism and charity. We are proud of our youth who take part in various charitable activities; some have even received a social matriculation certificate.


Our school encourages relationships based on mutual appreciation, trust, respect and cooperation between faculty, students, parents and the entire community. Despite its size and the strict discipline our school upholds, we believe in providing each student with the personal attention he/she needs, by allowing open communication and attention to each and every student’s needs. Our purpose is to allow each student to live up to his/her potential and desires, while increasing a sense of belonging and self-fulfillment. For this purpose, we hold a wide variety of educational and vocational programs.


I would like to express my gratitude for my predecessor Ms. Ruthy Enzel, who has been a pillar in this facility for the past 29 years. Ruthy has been a fierce leader who pushed the school further and further. Her inspirational work has left a mark in each and every corner of the building.


To you dear students, I wish that whenever you arrive in school, you will do so knowing that it is the very best place for you.



Tali Dror